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商号 日本BIM標準機構株式会社

設立 2023年2月​15日

​代表者 田島 理奈

住所 東京都渋谷区2-10-15-101


・BIM 及びその他のコンピュータシステムを使用した建築設計並びに建設工事補助のための






Company Overview

Company Name Japan BIM Standard Organization

Date of Establishment 02/15/2023

CEO Rina Tajima

Address 2-10-15-101, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Business Activities
  • Drawing creation, modeling, and design work for architectural design and construction assistance using BIM and other computer systems.

  • Consulting, information dissemination, and personnel education related to the above.

  • Software development, sales, and maintenance management.

  • Labor dispatch services.

  • Any business related to the aforementioned activities.

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